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How To Sign PhoneGap Build Apps


How To Sign PhoneGap Build Apps – Creating A Signing key


To create signing keys for Android you will need to have JDK. Installed and it’s path properly configured on your computer.


Open command prompt in the directory where you want to create the signing key. Then type the following command.

1keytool -genkey -v -keystore [keystore_name].keystore -alias [alias_name] -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

Here the [keystore_name] will be the name of the key file that will be generated so name it something meaningful e.g myApp_key.keystore. Also, make sure you change the [alias_name] to something which is relevant to your app. You can read in detail what each value means from the Android docs here.

After running the above command you will be prompted to set a password.

phonegap sigin app 1

Make sure you write the password down and do not lose the password. If you loose your password you will have trouble in signing you app as well as updating your app in the future.


Enter all the details that you are prompted for by the keytool next one by one as shown below

phonegap sigining 2

The keytool will ask you for an alias password , hit enter if you want it to be the same as you keystore password. If you choose a different password make sure to note it down as you will need it in the future.

After that, you will have a signing key created with a file extension of .keystore inside the folder in which you have opened the command prompt .

Signing Android App


Now it’s time for us to submit the key to the PhoneGap Build service. So login to you PhoneGap Build dashboard and go to edit account>signing keys

phonegap signing 3


Now that you are in the Signing keys section you will have the opportunity to upload keys for different platforms. You can upload the signing key by clicking the add a key button under each platform.  A thing to note here is that the keys that you upload here will be uploaded under your account, meaning that the keys will be available across all apps and won’t be available for just one app.

phonegap build 4
Phonegap signing 5

Now we will click on add a key under Android as we will be uploading a key for android.

The Title can be anything you want, make sure you add a descriptive title as this title will be displayed when you choose a key. The alias has to be the same which you entered whlie running the keytool command in step-2.


Once the signing key is uploaded it will be locked you will need to unlock it, so click on the locked padlock icon.

phonegap signing 7

Here the certificate password is the alias password that you entered in step-3 and the keystore password is what you entered in step-2. After entering the passwords click on submit key.

This will unlock you signing key for 1 hour, you can now signing apps using this key for the next hour.


After unlocking the signing key we can now proceed to the actual signing of our app. Go to the apps section and select the app that you wish to sign. Under the build section, you can choose the signing key that you uploaded. After selecting a key PhoneGap build will automatically Rebuild your app for you. After the build process is complete you can download the app by clicking the apk button.

phonegap signing 8

The file downloaded will be signed and be the release version of your app which can be uploaded to any app store.

Creating A Signing key For iOS And Signing iOS App

Creating A Signing key

You can read more about creating signing keys for iOSin the cordova platform guide here.

Signing iOS  App

The process of signing iOS apps using PhoneGap build will be the same as that of Android as show above.

Creating A Signing key For Windows And Signing Windows App

Creating A Signing key

You can read more about creating signing keys for windows apps in the cordova platform guide here.

Signing Windows App

The process of signing Windows apps using PhoneGap build will be the same as that of Android as show above.

Important Tips

Before I conclude this post I want to give you guys a few important tips that I personally use.

  • Make sure to save all the passwords mentioned in this tutorial in a safe place. Signing your app is not a regular thing and chances are that you will forget your password if you have to sign your app again to push an updated version of your app
  • Don’t Lose your signing key. Save your signing key on multiple places and even in the cloud such as dropbox or google drive. If you lose your signing key you won’t be able to update your app
  • Make sure to create a text file when you creating a signing key, in this text file save all the information that you entered in step-3 just in case you need it again.


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